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Mari J Frank JD, MA

Conflict Transformation, Consulting, Training

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Unlike a shark. Mari uses a unique Dolphin Approach to help her clients transform conflict:

Just as dolphins are known to gently lead wayward sailors to the safety of the shore, Mari's powerful, yet calming style guides her clients to a safe harbor of solutions in a sea of conflict. 

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Mari J. Frank

Mari J. Frank is a California licensed attorney/ mediator since 1985. She’s also a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit and Family Court Mediator. She’s the author of five books and dozens of published articles. She is a professional corporate leadership trainer, negotiations coach, privacy consultant and radio host in private practice Florida and California.

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What Mediation will do for you

You will be empowered to make reasoned decisions – that are based on your consent

No one will impose a decision upon you. You, and your attorney if you have one, will always have the time and power to  think through your choices. No one will rush you into acquiescing to the other side’s demand.  You won’t be strong armed to comply with a judges decision. You have the right to say no to the other side’s proposal if it does not meet your needs, and you will be encouraged to propose solutions that will work for you and be accepted by the other parties.

You will have reduced stress and be treated with respect.

Mari’s mediative approach, a relaxed yet professional  process, will give you the opportunity to be heard  so that you needs are totally understood and addressed.  With her training in psychology  as well as the law, you will get the respect and  legal education to help you propose  positive options for  a successful settlement.

You will maintain your financial privacy and personal confidences.

There is no court reporter and no public record of your discussions.   Once you resolve the dispute you will either sign an agreement to file with the court or depending on the circumstances, you will sign a private contract that would be enforceable if anyone were to breach the promises.

You will quickly regain your peace of mind

You will have the time to enjoy your life knowing that you don’t have the conflict hanging over your head.

You will happily return to a normal life with your dignity.

Until the conflict is resolved, most people feel anxiety and distress. But with a mediated, mutually agreed upon settlement, everyone feels relief  and a release of the stress. Life is too short to be embroiled  for months or years in conflict, spending your hard earned money on attorney fees and court costs.

Negotiation, Coaching and Training

Mari's Training Programs

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Mari's Books and Articles

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Mari's Media Appearances

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& Podcasts



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Why Choose Us?

Over 35 years...

of Experience and Expertise to Successfully Resolve Your Conflict Challenges. Over 35 years of Experience and Expertise to Successfully Resolve Your Conflict Challenges.

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My husband and I were married almost 38 years. We did not want this to be a knocked down drag out fight for either us or the family. We turned to Mediation. Mari J. Frank came highly recommended. We instantly liked her. She was fair knew her job and was unbiased. She was kind and supportive to both of us even when we were very unlikeable. She stuck with us. She was very professional. 

I needed help negotiating a financial settlement. Mari J. Frank was phenomenal. She provided expert guidance with the written agreement and steered me through the negotiation process, step by step. I am so grateful Mari was there for me. I appreciated her professionalism, expertise, and genuine caring manner. I highly recommend her services.

Mari J. Frank was incredibly supportive in a difficult time. She knows that law and acts very professionally. She is kind and fair to both parties. She taught me a lot to stand up for myself such as "I'm not comfortable with that." or "Let me think about it." I consider her as a lifelong friend and I am very grateful to have known her. I highly recommend her and her services!

mari photo instead of woman at the end - My goal for you is to resolve your challenges and

My goal for you is to resolve your challenges and enjoy your life

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